Vaccines, after the over 80s in Olbia we proceed in order of age

The Gallura health company reshapes the weekly calendar

OLBIA. From today and until further notice in the vaccination hub of Olbia, the first dose will continue with the administration of the first dose to those over 80 not yet vaccinated for personal or health reasons, who can book through the portal or through the stations of the carabinieri. Once registered, interested parties will be contacted to book an appointment. It remains understood that those over 80 can always contact their family doctor or show up at the hub without any reservation. The categories in contention this week include extremely vulnerable or severely disabled people and their “caregivers”, cohabiting, with documentation certifying the care and cohabitation relationship, coming from all over the Gallura area. The vaccination of over 70s from all over Gallura was then scheduled: to meet the population and given the availability of Astrazeneca vaccines, the Olbia Assl has decided to vaccinate even the over 65s. At the moment about 2 thousand over 70 Gallura people still have to be vaccinated, after which we will proceed with the over 65. (ANSA).

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