Vaccines, the obligation is the safest and most indisputable way


Pandemic. We already know, in some cases for many years, compulsory vaccinations. The uprising for Covid-19 by an entirely minority, but not inconsistent, fringe of the population is truly singular

The evolution of the pandemic brings to the political tables the issue of a generalized vaccination obligation, and of a “strengthened” green pass. At the same time, we are witnessing mass follies such as the covid party in South Tyrol, aimed at seeking the company of the infected in order to get infected. Given the numbers, this is the last thing South Tyrol needs, and a regime of restrictions is approaching. But the province of Bolzano has already shown us a differentiated pandemic, the daughter of autonomy. The Constitution allows the vaccination obligation, with the clear formula “Nobody can be obliged to a specific health treatment if not …

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