Vaccines, third dose for transplant recipients in Lazio from next week

(Teleborsa) – After Emilia Romagna also the Lazio announced the start of the recalls for the Covid vaccine. This was announced directly by the president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti, through a tweet. “Lazio starts with the third dose of vaccine. From next week we start with those who received a transplant and who will be contacted by the regional health system. We continue to secure life and the future “.

The minister Roberto Speranza on Friday he explained that in the first days of this week the circular “would be published” with the specifications of people with immune fragility from which we will start with the administration of the third dose“.” It is – said the minister – patients oncoglogics, transplanted: I imagine we can leave as early as the last ten days of September. “The people affected by the measures should be altogether about 2.3 million. The National Transplant Network of the Ministry of Health indicates that in 2020 the people followed in Italy after a transplant are over 45 thousand while the Epicenter site of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità indicates that patients oncological in Italy they are over 2 million and 250 thousand.

Some more indications on the circular came from the Director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, Gianni Rezza: “The circular will be generic, but technical notes and details will follow for the better definition of the categories of immunocompromised”. Hope had also talked about the administration of the third dose other segments “of greater fragility“- guests of RSA, over 80 and therefore health personnel – while it is not yet certain that the third dose will be necessary for the entire population. “The certainty now – explained the minister – exists on these categories, then it will go down again on the personal level. After that we will discuss and see if the scientific evidence will make a third dose indispensable for the others as well. I think it is probable. , but we do not have absolute certainties, we will verify them “.

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