Valais: The scammer chose her client very badly

Published29 June 2022, 06:10

A woman who was trying to extort money, allegedly for charity, approached an off-duty police officer. Who alerted his colleagues.

Getty Images / photo d’illustration.

At the beginning of the month, a woman who had a petition signed in the parking lot of a Valais supermarket, and who took the opportunity to try to extort money from her victims, had the misfortune to approach… one of the spokespersons for the Valais cantonal police, reports Rhône FM. He began to explain to his interlocutor what job he did.

And, although she did not speak French, the woman immediately understood what a mess she had gotten herself into and fled by car. The spokesperson for the Valais police alerted his colleagues, who were able to apprehend the scammer shortly after.


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