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Valanchun’s first “triple-double” career, “Spurs” in 23 years, first season without “play-off” – Basketball –

Thanks to the first of the career of Lithuanian Jonas Valančūnas and the second to Jan Morant triple-double, Memphis Grizzlies with the result 119:106 beat the Milwaukee Bucks, securing a place in the play-in or relegation for a place in the NBA playoffs. Valanchun and Morant rewrote the history of the Grizzlies team, becoming the first duo to collect triple-double within one game. “We showed character and we won’t go home,” Valanchun said. “We’ll fight until the last second.” Jannis Adetokunbo, who was disqualified for one game, could not help the Bucks. Memphis played confidently and kept the whole match stable. The Bucks have never been able to take the lead. The Grizzlies threw the game with 50% accuracy, while the Bucks performed worse with 39.4%. Memphis will face a fight with Portland for a place in the NBA playoffs. The Grizzlies will win two games, while the Trail Blazers will win one.

Valanchun scored 26 points, collected 19 rebounds and returned 12 assists (previously the career record was five assists). Morant scored 12 points, collected 13 rebounds and returned 10 assists. Dylon Brook scored 31 points. 19 points and nine rebounds for Brook Lopez in the Bucks.

Los Angeles Lakers, playing more with reservists, with a score 122:136 conceded Sakramento “Kings”. The Lakers took the lead in the first quarter of the game, but in the middle of the second quarter, the Kings took the lead and did not return. Kings did a great job (56.8%). The Kings gained the most in the second and third quarters when the Lakers basket kings threw 77 points. The Sacramento team will not play in the playoffs for the 14th consecutive season, and this is the league’s anti-record. The Kings last played in the knockout tournament in 2006 when they recognized San Antonio’s Spurs superiority in the first round. Lebron James spent only 15 minutes on the field, but Anthony Davis watched the match from the side.

Royal 28 points for Bady Hill, but Bogdan Bogdanovich scored 27 points and gave nine assists. The Lakers’ top scorer was Dions Weiters, who scored 19 points and gave five assists, and James 17 points in 15 minutes.

It has happened – San Antonio “Spurs” has not been eliminated from the tournament for the first time in 23 years. Last night suffered a loss against Feelings of Jazz with the result 112:118. “It’s not right to look to the past,” said legendary coach Greg Popovich after the game. Spurs already knew before the start of its game that it would not be able to reach the playoffs, as both the Dog and the Grizzlies won. It may have played a role in the first quarter, with the Jazz scoring 41 points and the Spurs 24. This will be the first season in the NBA since 1981, when Pets Raily or Greg Popovich won’t play in the playoffs. The Spurs team was able to win five championship titles and various records during this time gas not only the team but also the coach. This was the first Spurs season since 1996/97. of the NBA season, when the team ‘s win and loss balance is negative.

In the ranks of “Jazz”, the most productive was 22-year-old Dirak Takers, who got 18 points. Another seven players on the Jazz team managed to stand out with 10 or more points. 24 points for Keldon Johnson in favor of the Spurs team, but considerable double-double Dezonte Marejam – 12 points, 14 rebounds and seven assists.

NBA games 13/14. in August

Time The game Rez. The most productive
19:00 Celtics – Wizards 90:96 Green 23 – Brian 26
20:30 Lakers – Kings 122:136 Weiters 19 – Hill 28
23:00 Grizzlies – Bucks 119:106 Brux 31 – Lopez 19
23:00 Suns – Mavericks 128:102 Bookers 27 – Dončičs; Marjanovičs 18
1:30 Jazz – Spurs 118:112 Takers 18 – Johnson 24
4:00 Nets – Trail Blazers 133:134 Leverts 37 – Lilards 42
4:00 Magic – Pelicans 133:127 Vuchevich 23 – Jackson 31

NBA standings

V. East Balance % V. West Balance %
1. Bucks* 56-17 76.7% 1. Lakers* 52-19 73.2%
2. Raptors* 52-19 73.2% 2. Clippers* 48-23 67.6%
3. Celtics* 48-24 66.7% 3. Nuggets* 46-26 63.9%
4. Heat* 44-28 61.1% 4. Rockets* 44-27 62.0%
5. Pacers * 44-28 61.1% 5. Thunder* 44-27 62.0%
6. 76ers* 42-30 58.3% 6. Jazz* 44-28 61.1%
7. Nets* 35-37 48.6% 7. Mavericks* 43-32 57.3%
8. Magic* 33-40 45.2% 8. Trail Blazers 35-39 47.3%
9. Wizards 25-47 34.7% 9. Grizzlies 34-39 46.6%
10. Suns 34-39 46.6%
11. Spurs 32-39 45.1%
12. Kings 31-41 43.1%
13. Pelicans 30-42 41.7%

*provided a place in the playoffs



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