News Valle registers 407 cases and 11 deaths from covid-19...

Valle registers 407 cases and 11 deaths from covid-19 this Sunday, 5 of them in Cali

September 20, 2020 – 05:40 pm

Newsroom of El País

The Ministry of Health reported this Sunday 6,678 new cases of covid-19 in Colombia, in addition to 169 deaths due to the disease, 153 of them having occurred in previous days.

Of the reported cases, 407 of them are registered in Valle del Cauca. The department also reported 11 new deaths, 5 of them in Cali. The others occurred in Toro, Florida, Tuluá -2 deaths-, Yotoco and Buga.

The deaths in Cali refer to: a 54-year-old man who suffered from diabetes; a 41-year-old woman, who suffered from hypothyroidism and obesity; an 88-year-old woman, who suffered from hypertension; a 54-year-old man with hypertension and diabetes; and a 94-year-old woman with comorbidities under study.

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The death registered in Toro responds to a 28-year-old man, who had HIV; in Florida, a 95-year-old man with hypertension died; in Yotoco, a 63-year-old man with liver cirrhosis and obesity; in Buga, a 74-year-old man with hypertension and cerebrovascular disease.

The two deceased in Tuluá are: a 66-year-old man, who suffered from cerebrovascular disease; and a 75-year-old man with study comorbidities.

With what was reported this Sunday, Colombia reached 765,076 confirmed cases of covid-19 since the arrival of the virus in the country. 57,244 have been reported in Valle del Cauca. Currently, 106,067 cases are active.

The disease caused by the new coronavirus leaves 24,208 deaths in the national territory, while 633,199 people have managed to recover.



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