Valorant Americas Match-Up: FURIA vs MIBR; Predictions, Head to Head, How to Watch and More!

Valorant Americas is no doubt the most hyped out of all the leagues in VCT. LOUD is dominating the scene with C9 in a close second and 100T trying to regain their momentum. However, Brazilian teams have shown that they can beat NA’s best teams and then some. Leviatan, MIBR, and Furia have etched their names as formidable forces. But this time, it is not NA vs Brazil, it is Brazil vs Brazil as MIBR faces off against Furia. Let us break down the squads, timings, and more!

Who Will Win the Battle of the Brazilian Teams in Valorant Americas: MIBR or Furia?

Looking at the Points Table of the League in relation to both teams, Furia sits comfortably at the 6th spot while MIBR is at the 8th spot just ahead of KRU and Evil Geniuses. This is a must-win game for the latter since they need to make sure they win enough matches to qualify otherwise LCQ will be a huge hassle. Let us look at both teams and break down the form of some star players.


  • qck
  • Khalil
  • adult
  • dgzin
  • in a row


  • heat
  • jzz
  • murizzz
  • RgLmeister
  • french

Khalil is an excellent support player and has made game-changing plays for Furia while dgzin is the resident Duelist who has racked up a reputation. Heat from MIBR will be in the eyes of many since he is the primary duelist of the team. They will rely a lot on him to get site entries and establish comfortable post plants. Our prediction is that MIBR is going to win the game 2-1. It will go to the final map since both teams have excellent counter-play abilities and individual fragging capabilities.

These two teams have never faced each other in the past even though they are both Brazilian. Expect some crazy bragging rights to the winner along with getting an advancement in the points table.

How to Watch

You can go to Twitch and search Valorant Americas to watch this match at exactly 3:30 am IST on 30th April. If you are from a different region, you can use this converter to change the regional timings. We are also providing you with a Youtube Embed which will take you directly to the live stream of the game.

Who do you think is going to win this battle of the Brazilians? Will FURIA continue establishing control over the points table or will MIBR strike back and move through the ranks? For more Valorant content, click here!

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