Technology Valorant Patch 0.47 - Raze Nerve and Sage Buff

Valorant Patch 0.47 – Raze Nerve and Sage Buff


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by Ludovic Quinson

Riot Games

Riot Games has just released update 0.47 on Valuing. Check out its content below.

While Riot recently revealed his agent and weapon balancing strategy in Valorant, they released a brand new update in the process.

Deemed far too powerful since the launch of the closed beta, Agent Raze suffered a first nerve.

Indeed, the players felt that his ability kit was far too strong and inflicted far too much damage.

Riot Games

Raze is the first Valorant agent to receive a nerve.

Another very important element of the game has undergone changes, it is the knife which now inflicts more damage on certain destructible elements.

Without further ado, discover the full content of update 0.47 from Valorant.

Gameplay and balancing

Knife damage

  • Knife attacks now deal twice as much hit damage to destructibles, including:
    • The barrier of Sage.
    • Haven’s double metal doors.
  • Why ?
    • During rounds where you had few credits (especially the first and the one just after the side change), you did not have enough options to manage the Sage Barrier Orb. Our goal is to ensure that interactions with his wall are risky, but profitable, and that players can knock it down regardless of their equipment.


  • The number of Nesting Grenades has been reduced from 2 to 1.
  • Nesting Grenades now reset their cooldown after 2 kills.
  • We have adjusted the sounds of Trigger Grenade, Explosive Pack and Final Bouquet so that we can more easily hear them during hectic situations.
  • We have fixed an issue that caused the pull-out Grenade submunitions to explode faster than expected. They now have a minimum duration before explosion.
  • Why are we doing all this?
    • Raze is said to be a highly dangerous duelist who punishes enemies posted in predictable locations, but it seemed to us that the cluster munitions and the number of grenades were far too oppressive. Then, the gameplay information communicated to the players must always be precise, and the sound signals of the skills of Raze did not correctly transcribe the extent of the danger they represented, so we reviewed the sounds of each of its skills. Example: when Final Bouquet is equipped or fired from a distance, players should be able to clearly identify what is threatening them.


  • The Slow Orb now also slows the air speed of players in the area.
  • Players can now walk in the Slow Orb area without making any noise.
  • Why ?
    • Players could counter Sage’s Slowness Orb too easily by doing rabbit jumps in the area. We want the minimum slowdown to be more consistent on all trips in the area, while still allowing rabbit jumps and walking to have a slight interest in the area. In addition, we think that introducing a stealthy but slow way of moving around the Slow Orb area adds more nuance to the game and a little more uncertainty for Sage, since she doesn’t necessarily hear the people crossing.

Updating maps

  • Several possible abuses have been removed on Bind, Haven and Split.
  • Split: the orb has been moved from B Middle to B Main.
    • The goal is to take some pressure off the middle and give players good reasons to control B Principal.

Quality of life

  • We have reduced network traffic out of the client for players using a high frame rate.
    • Some ISPs and network configurations were throttling traffic, which affected gameplay by causing high spikes in network latency as the frame rate increased.
  • No impact on gameplay or responsiveness.


  • Fixed a rare server crash caused by occasional packet corruption by certain players’ networks.
  • Cypher’s spy camera can no longer use a weapon.
  • Fixed a bug where the audible range of footsteps sometimes did not appear on the minimap.
Source: Riot Games
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