Technology Valorant: Riot details the upcoming competition mode - News

Valorant: Riot details the upcoming competition mode – News

On the sidelines of the release of patch 0.47+, Riot Games has taken the time to detail how the Competition mode will work, much awaited by players.

In a long article published on the Valorant official website, we learn that Competition mode will be available shortly after patch 0.49, with a deployment that will start in North America and Europe. To access it, players will have to beforehand finish 20 games in unrated mode, the only one accessible in the title at the moment. Then the progression will be divided into eight rows, each consisting of three levels with the exception of the last, called Valorant. Regarding the evaluation criteria that will be in effect during the beta, Riot states:

Your personal performance will have a greater impact on the first assessments of your level of play, but their importance will gradually decrease while that of victories will increase, the time for us to analyze your talent. Competition mode also examines how overwhelming your wins or losses are. The reason for this is simple: we want to give you a good reason to do your best for the duration of your games. For those who will rise to the Valorant rank, the final victory and the way you win / lose games will be the only factors taken into account, because we believe that if you and your teammates have reached the highest level of play, it’s because you deserved it.

Valorant: Riot details the upcoming competition mode

In terms of team formation, players can regroup in groups of five, knowing that there should not be a gap of more than two rows between them. Also, if a player does not start any ranked game for fourteen days, his rank will no longer be displayed on his profile, but he will not lose his progression in the ladder. However, note that all ranks will be reset when the title is officially launched. Finally, the developers announce that they will be particularly watch out for too rapid progressions, in order to fight against rank boosting, a well-known cheat method on CS: GO, and the smurfing, which is to use new accounts to deceive players when you are actually very experienced.

Valorant: Presentation of the Split card

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