Technology Valorant: why players cheaters will continue to be driven...

Valorant: why players cheaters will continue to be driven out after the beta

Riot Games does not want cheaters in Valorant. Your new great video game FPS multiplayer, which was launched in its final version at the beginning of June, it’s going to keep you banned those players expelled during the weeks of validity of beta as a measure of responsibility: “All accounts deported for using cheats are permanent,” said Paul Chamberlain, head of the department dedicated to these tasks on the giant north american, in a meeting with IGN.

It is not irreversible, but permanent for now

“The majority of the accounts to be expelled for having applied tricks are also accompanied by a ban of your hardware; that is to say, we are monitoring their shadows both in time and space and banearemos again when they try to reintegrate back into the game with a false moustache,” he added, referring to those using a different account to attempt to get back to playing, even if they really are the same person.

Yes, although the expulsions are of a permanent nature, are not irreversible. The players who have been expelled or are so from now on, when Valorant has come up with a lot of strength to the community of PC, you can get to recover your account if Riot chooses to do so. Not in vain, it is something that depends solely on the developer. For now, have no plans to backtrack: “we do Not plan to remove the ban of hardware until our next periodic review, which will take place when they decide to.

Valorant is available exclusively for the PC and has its own Pass Battle. In this article we explain how to download the game along with the minimum and recommended requirements of the system. You can check here the best agents of Valorant from Tier S to Tier C; also the best weapons in the game. In our guide we also review the best maps, what are the ranks and how to earn points Valorant and Radianita.

Source | IGN


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