Valparaíso Region: The modifications of the free fairs after the advancement of the Step by Step Plan | National

Various modifications have brought about the advancement of the Step by Step Plan in the different communes of the Valparaíso region, for example, what happens with the free fairs that have had to incorporate and adapt to the health protocols established by the authority to continue operating in the midst of the health emergency.

In the province of Marga Marga, we have worked for several months together with Carabineros and the municipalities so that this activity is not interrupted.

Governor María Carolina Corti pointed out that at the El Belloto Fair, one of the largest in the region, Attention has been paid to maintaining social distancing, in addition to maintaining permanent audits by health personnel to avoid possible outbreaks due to the pandemic.

“A lot of work has been done in relation to the clearance of common areas to be able to move freely and with distance. The accesses have been limited, the accesses have been addressed and it has had a quite beneficial result. The audits by the Health seremia have been permanent, “he said.

While in Quillota the fairs that were held in Aconcagua Park and that gathered between 3,000 and 5,000 visitors on weekends, are not working.

Of course, people who sell, for example, fruits and vegetables or basic necessities have been given new spaces to offer their products.

Óscar Calderón, director of the Community Development Directorate (Dideco) of Quillota, indicated that from this October 18 the three fairs will operate in three points of the commune: “As we are already in phase III, we have made the decision to incorporate some new sectors in agreement with those who represent the sectors’ neighbors. It is thus the case that the Tricentennial Fair will be located in the Plaza Arturo Prat, the President Ibáñez in Aspillaga street and, for its part, the Aconcagua Sur Heritage Fair will be in the La Said field ”.

Cristian Mella, director of the Technical Cooperation Service (Sercotec), pointed out that since the pandemic began they have drawn up work plans for free fairs.

“We developed a program to help the free fairs with sanitation kits, in which we distributed 74 sinks to 21 fairs in the Valparaíso region; more than 28 thousand masks; more than 18 thousand pairs of gloves; soap and paper towels. We also accompany this with our fund for the development of free fairs, which allowed us to provide financing to 20 fairs in the region “, he assured.

Remember that these venues can continue to function because they are part of the supply chain.


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