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Exports grew by 10.4% according to the Danes and 59% corresponded to oil and mines.

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Exports of products such as coal and oil re-marked Colombia's external sales in 2018.


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5 February 2019, 12:21

In 2018, the country's exports reached $ 41,831 million and increased by 10.4% compared to 2017, according to the National Statistics Department (Dane) on Tuesday. Noting that this behavior was mainly due to the growth of external sales of oil, petroleum products and related products.

According to the entity, the sales of fuel and products of the extractive industries amounted to 24.709 million dollars, represents 59 percent of the total negotiation in other countries.

In the same way, the external sales of the Manufactures group were 8,324.4 million dollars and recorded an increase of 8% compared to the year 2017.

On the other hand, agricultural, food and beverage products fell by 0.7% compared to 2017, mainly due to lower coffee sales, which subtracted 3.4 percentage points from the change in the group.

Last year, the United States was the main destination for Colombian exports, with a 25.4% share of the total exported value; They were followed in the order of participation of China, Panama, Ecuador, Turkey, Mexico and Brazil.

As for December, the country's external sales were 3,400.9 million dollars and showed a decrease of 14.6% compared to December 2017.


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