Valve announces portable gaming PC ‘Steam Deck’ will ship by end of February

Valve announced today that the portable gaming PC “Steam Deck” should begin shipping by the end of February.

Valve originally planned to launch “Steam Deck” in December last year, but suddenly announced in November last year that due to the shortage of raw materials and the impact of the global supply chain, the parts could not be delivered to the manufacturing plant in time due to logistics challenges, resulting in “Steam Deck” must be Postponed to February this year.

However, Valve said today that “Steam Deck” is progressing normally and will be shipped as scheduled. Although there are still global epidemics, supply chain problems and distribution problems, it seems that it will be able to start shipping before the end of February. Valve also stated that they are still continuing the development and testing of the Steam Deck Verification Program. Players will soon see an increase in the number of Deck-certified games in Steam games, and they will mainly check four areas: input, fluency , display and system support.

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    Source: Valve

“Steam Deck” is a portable gaming PC designed by Valve for its own Steam game platform. It is equipped with an integrated AMD 4-core 8-thread Zen 2 CPU and 8 RNDA2 CUs, which can provide up to 1.6TFLOPS of graphics processing performance. Equipped with 5.5GT/s 16GB LPDDR5 memory, 64GB, 256GB or 512GB storage space, 1280×800 60Hz 7-inch touch-sensitive LCD screen. The first wave is open to pre-orders in the United States, Canada, the European Union and the United Kingdom, and it is scheduled to launch before the end of February this year.


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