Valve has removed movies and videos from Steam


Although Steam is known primarily as a digital gaming store, in recent years Valve has worked on expanding the platform, including video footage from major Hollywood projects to free documentaries, including its own production.

But, apparently, the fierce offensive of the Epic Games store, which attracts developers from a more profitable commission and has already concluded a series of exclusive distribution agreements (which is the case of Metro: Exodus), forces Valve to increase his efforts in the development of the gaming platform.

After examining which videos are interesting to users on Steam, the company recognized the promotion experience as part of the service of a universal video platform as failed and concluded that it was necessary to revise the strategy. Now the content of the video section will be directly related to the games or will act as an auxiliary content for games and software sold on Steam.

As part of this reform, the "Video" section has been removed from the store menu with the expectation that users will find the video through the corresponding pages of games or software, as well as through the search bar, tags, tips and so on. In the coming weeks some non-fiction videos will be removed from the store, but the films previously purchased by users will remain in their Steam library.

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