Valve releases the Steam Link app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV


PC games are ready to satisfy iOS, now that the Valve Steam Link app is available for Apple devices. You can easily play them on your TV via Apple TV, transmitted directly from your PC. Apple blocked its release last year, but evidently this has been resolved, probably because it is no longer possible to buy games with it and now you can download it from the App Store.

Valve has also renamed "In-Home Streaming" as simply Remote Playback in the latest version of Steam, so it's the same whether you're using it at home or beta testing from further afield. As long as the connection is good enough, it will work. When Steam Link was launched, another PC or dedicated hardware was needed, but apps for iOS, Android and even Raspberry Pi make it much more widely available. It's not a cloud-streaming game, but anyone with a Steam account full of games, a decent connection and any of these devices suddenly has a lot more options for how they're going to play.


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