Valyushkina tried on a blanket in the framework of the new challenge

57-year-old actress Elena Valyushkina joined the quarantine challenge. Instead of the usual pillow, the celebrity tried on a blanket over herself, and to prevent it from feeling like a queen, she fixed it on herself with a pillowcase.

In a coronavirus, the flash mob #pillowchallenge is gaining momentum. Its essence is to feel like a princess in four walls. Most often, stars use a pillow as an “elegant dress,” and they add a strap and beautiful shoes to the look. So, Ksenia Borodina, Aiza Anokhina, Olga Orlova, Nyusha, Maria Pogrebnyak and others have already boasted of their images.

Valyushkina, who also wanted to “get out to the ball,” shared her vision of the image.

“Well, all the pillows in the house are small to me! And I want to go to the ball! It’s so good that the majority of my friends are positive, kind and with a sense of humor! ” She said.

Followers appreciated the sense of humor of the artist. They said that Valyushkin should be awarded as the queen of the ball, who not only presented her image to the public, but also found a way out of the difficult situation. There were also those who wished to see the blanket fall to the floor. “Madame Broshkina should look that way,” they agreed.


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