Vanessa Guillen case: US opens new investigation into the death of a soldier – US and Canada – International

The US Army announced this Tuesday a new investigation into the decisions made by his superiors on the basis of Fort Hood (Texas) in connection with the murder of the Hispanic soldier Vanessa Guillen, which has generated a strong controversy in that military installation.

In a statement, the Army announced the appointment of General John Murray, one of its most veteran commanders, to “lead an in-depth investigation of the actions of the chain of command in relation to the specialist
Vanessa Guillén “

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That 20-year-old soldier stationed at the Fort Hood base disappeared on April 22, shortly after she told her family that she had been sexually harassed by one of his sergeants at that massive military installation.

On June 30, his mutilated remains were found near the León River, where they were buried by his alleged murderer, his partner at the base Aaron David Robinson, who committed suicide when the police came to question him.

Guillén’s family, of Mexican descent, demands an independent investigation in Congress on the case of the young soldier, whose death has exposed the need for changes in the way the Armed Forces investigate cases of sexual abuse and harassment.

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US President Donald Trump received at the White House in late July Guillén’s relatives and he promised them answers in the case, on which the Army had already ordered an independent review that began in August.

The new step by the Army makes clear the pressure generated by the event at the Fort Hood base, where in addition to Guillén’s, at least two other bodies of soldiers have recently been found, and where a total of 23 soldiers have died this year.

Last week Private Elder Fernandes, who had also reported sexual abuse at the Fort Hood base, was found hanged eight days after his disappearance; and in July the remains of Gregory Wedel Morales, who has been missing since August 2019, were found in Killeen, near the military installation.

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Guillén’s case has inspired the presentation in the US Congress of a bill called #IAmVanessaGuillen, which would allow victims of abuse or sexual assault within the Army to present their complaints to an independent entity.



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