VAZ-2109 with the Priori engine fought with the LADA Priora in a straight race


Russian cars have shown what they are capable of in a marathon.

Many people have thought of the comparison between VAZ-2109 and LADA Priora: both "basins" are considered rather old cars of AvtoVAZ and have managed to win popular love. The presenters of the "Motorist 95" channel organized a straight-line race between "nine" and "Prior".

LADA Priora, which participates in the marathon, launched in 2017, has 14-inch light wheels and a 106-horsepower "VAZ" unit, which has received the following improvements: direct flow exhaust, zero square filter and a & # 39 ; reflective motor control unit. The VAZ-2109 has 13-inch native wheels, a 1.6-liter Priorovsky engine, an STT receiver, a direct exhaust and a nulevik filter.

Bloggers organized a competition between the modified Prioress and the Nine. In the first "race" the LADA Priora rushed abruptly forward and left the VAZ-2109 behind – despite the fact that the Russian sedan had more improvements, it could not defeat the domestic sedan.

In the second race, both "cymbals" started together, but the same, "Priora" easily rushed forward and finished first. In the third race, the situation was repeated: the "nine" cannot even catch up with LADA Priora. Bloggers have noticed that they enjoyed the race between home machines. "Docks are our topic," the car owners point out.



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