“VCF” grabbed the last ticket in the playoff round, “BRU” stood on the line and waited for “BAC”: PPTVHD36

4 teams have already entered the play-off round for the RoV Pro League 2023, being “Valencia” who successfully led the team to the finals continuing from last season.

Week 8 is over, it’s the last of the tournament. Before the playoff final of the last 4 teams to find the Pro League 2023 Summer Championship

This week the bat Valencia CF Esports Get into heavy battles, having to compete in up to 3 games, meeting both Bacon Time, eArena and B Esports x Goldcity

Even losing to the piggy gang Bacon Time go 1-3 games and B Esports x Goldcity 2-3 games, but they can beat the crazy rabbit team like eArena Get 1-3 games, grab one important point, total 9 points, win the last ticket in the playoff round as the 4th team in the table to win

Include names of “players-positions” for all 9 RoV teams to compete in the Pro League 2023 Summer

Red Hawk “Talon” is confident and ready to explode the form of RoV Pro League second leg

B Esports x Goldcity

side B Esports x Goldcity who has a close score with the bat since last week despite defeating Valencia CF Esposts Go ahead, but the GD part is still minus one, resulting in a score of 8 points, equivalent to that of Talon today (March 20, 2023), so there will be another Tie Break decision to compete around 7:00 p.m. who will win the rankings. 5th of the table to win

Come to the big team like Buriram United Esports Collect 3 games in a row from Evos x THAI FIGHT PATHUM resulting in GD leaving eArena up to 5, grabbed the upper line to sit and wait to hit with Bacon Time chill

Summary of the teams that finished 1st-9th in the table are as follows:

1.) Bacon Time (Playoffs: upper bracket)

2.) Buriram United Esports (playoff: top line)

3.) eArena (Playoffs: Bottom Line)

4.) Valencia CF Esports (Playoffs: Bottom Bracket)

5.) Talon

5.) B Esports x Goldcity

7.) PSG Esports


9.) King of Gamers Club


Week 8 | Day 1

  • Valencia CF Esports VS Bacon Time : 1-3
  • Evos x THAI FIGHT PATHUM VS PSG Esports : 3-1

Week 8 | Day 2

  • Bacon Time VS B Esports x Goldcity : 3-2
  • eArena VS PSG Esports : 2-3

Week 8 | Day 3

  • Talon VS King of Gamers Club : 3-0
  • Evos x THAI FIGHT PATHUM VS Buriram United Esports : 0-3
  • eArena VS Valencia CF Esports : 1-3

Week 8 | Day 4

  • King of Gamers Club VS Evos x THAI FIGHT PATHUM : 3-0
  • Valencia CF Esports VS B Esports x Goldcity : 2-3
  • Bacon Time VS PSG Esports : 3-1

In the last week of the competition, who will win the Pro League championship this summer? Able to cheer at BITEC Bangna Hall 100 on April 1-2, 2023

Fall down the pig! BAC can’t spell defeat Ready to summarize the results of the RoV Pro League week 2

Valencia closes the first leg nicely. Overtake Buriram to the second crowd The play-off zone is still fun.

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