Vegan people have a much more catastrophic hangover than meat eaters (science says it)



A piece of advice for this December 31st: treat yourself to a little bit of fat before midnight.

Very trendy, veganism has become a real way of life based on the refusal of the exploitation and the suffering of our animal friends. He forbade his apostles to eat products of animal origin, to wear fur, leather, wool or silk. It also prohibits the consumption of products tested on animals (cleaning products, cosmetics, etc.) and, of course, the eating of anything of animal origin. A lifestyle choice not always easy to put into practice, as our consumer society is based on the exploitation of wildlife by humans. Bad news for vegan people: new research tells us that they are less prone to hangovers. One more burden to bear.

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An injustice

First of all, there are two nutrients that are found in many foods but in a form particularly concentrated in meat and animal products: zinc and vitamin B3 (also called nicotinic acid). For this reason, although they are not deficient as such, people who do not eat meat have lower zinc and B3 levels than the rest of the population. Don’t worry, there is no major danger to your health. But these two nutrients seem to be worth all the gold in the world when it comes to defeating a hangover.

This is what emerges from a study by the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands and relayed by The Independent. Zinc and vitamin B3 both play a key role in the metabolism of alcohol. Concretely, the process of alcohol decomposition accelerates when your body is rich in these two nutrients.

The study took subjects aged 18 to 30, asked them to get drunk, and assessed their hangover the next day against detailed diet data (not to be reproduced at home). And, as the author explains, ” the results show that the intake of nicotinic acid and zinc was negatively and significantly associated with the hardness of hangovers in general“.

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You are warned: you will therefore have to make a difficult choice between saving the planet and watering your evenings too much.


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