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David Caro, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Manager of Toyota del Perú, told that they seek to continue strengthening their product offer with diverse alternatives.

“This year we estimate that the market can close around 182,000 units and as Toyota we want to aim to achieve around 38,000 units to achieve an estimated 20.9% market share”he pointed.

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“For this, we are reinforcing our product portfolio with hybrid vehicles and expanding our value chain with products that may be available to our consumers such as: Toyota certified used vehicles, the mobility service and reinforcing our current products such as exclusive financing, insurance special, prepaid special maintenance”counted.

He also said that as challenges for this year, they seek to boost sales of the entry segment and compact sedans. “In SUV we are complementing the line up with a new model, B SUV, in order to serve all customers. With this new model we would already be meeting the demand of customers who want a vehicle that is between the Corolla-Cross and Raize models”.

It should be noted that currently the largest segment of the automotive market is that of SUVs, which represent 42%. “And speaking of our sales, SUVs represent 30% of total sales.”.

Regarding preferences, he commented that in the private segment the preference in recent years is for SUVs. “The best seller was the Rush model reaching 4,018 units in 2022”.

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The most sold

At another time, he commented that the brand’s best-selling vehicle last year was the Hilux in the pick-up segment.

“This vehicle is the most requested in the different productive industries of the country such as mining, construction, transportation, etc. In 2022, the Hilux reached 12,957 units sold, representing 37% of the sales of Toyotahe detailed.

Regarding financing facilities, he specified that vehicle credit is the most predominant option for customers. “In the automotive market, the banks with the largest number of financial operations for vehicles are BCP, Santander and MAF Peru”.

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Operational and financial leasing

At another time, Caro explained that there are two types of leasing: operating and financial leasing.

“In the case of operating leasing, we sell these units to leasing companies who in turn create the operating leasing product (vehicle, maintenance, insurance, others) for companies that have this need. Our sales to leasing companies are around 30% of our fleet sales”, indicated the executive.

While, in the case of financial leasing, these operations are carried out through financial entities. “This type of operation represents 10% of our fleet sales.”


Toyota’s market share was 20.4% in 2022. Leading sales in the automotive sector.

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