Velvet – Gum Sugar – Iszak Eszti excluded toxic people from her life

Serious illnesses were diagnosed in him, so Eszti Eszszak underwent a complete lifestyle change. Though he didn’t think he would face health problems when he was in his early thirties. In fact, it never crossed his mind that he could be sick at any time.

The hostess hard you may have had a period behind you: you had to deal with three serious illnesses in one fell swoop, so the RTL Club Breakfast He also emphasized the importance of screening.

A former VIVA TV presenter said he went to investigate himself when he felt there could be a more serious problem in the background.

Luckily, I got to the doctor relatively quickly. If I felt any weirdness in my body, I was with him to see it. I’m not the type to put this off, but the one who likes to know if everything is okay. I didn’t think there was going to be any problem, but when I felt something was wrong, I went to the doctor. That was in February last year, and it turned out step by step that I had three diseases at the same time.

– explained a healthy lifestyle vlogger.

The 12-centimeter cyst that grows in the ovary has already been excised, but it also has endometriosis and hashimoto’s disease. Your thyroid gland has practically begun to break down.

The TV has even spoken out that he has completely abandoned gluten for the sake of his health and often takes days to eat only vegan food. He also enjoys yoga and meditation, but he thinks his taste in sports is quite extreme, as the other big one favorite Thai boxing.

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For the sake of his health, he has also made the decision to completely disconnect from certain individuals.

It was also a big change in my life. I’m not saying I threw half of my acquaintances in the trash, but there were people I felt it wasn’t good to be in their company because I was so negative or malicious, or I just feel bad afterwards. I don’t know if you have one when someone has a stomach upset. It is harmful and destroys a person, you can get sick if you are in an environment that is not good and toxic to you

Isaac said, adding that this decision affected some of his work as well.


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