Velvet – Gum Sugar – Paul Rudd claims his wife says Keanu Reeves is a better guy than he is

Every year, People magazine chooses the sexiest man on Earth. As we wrote earlier, this year the winner is the superhero of the Marvel universe, Paul Rudd lett. Now it became clear how the actor had reacted to the award, as well as how he thought his wife would have decided otherwise.

Rudd, 52, didn’t believe it at first, he was said to have had a good laugh when he was called to the award. He even printed business cards out of a joke, which, in addition to his name and profession, also states that he is the sexiest man in 2021, writes Justjared.

The actor first told his wife he had won, who giggled good, and then said it was a hit! Rudd took producer Julie Yaeger 18 years ago. They had two children, 15-year-old Jack and 11-year-old Darby. The celebrity made his recent debut Ghostbusters was asked at his premiere that he thought his wife would have voted for him too? Rudd gave a humorous answer.

Definitely no. Surely Keanu would have voted for Reeves, because well, he’s Keanu, I would vote for him too!


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