Venezuela confirms clashes between Guardia and FARC dissidents – Venezuela – International

At least four Venezuelan soldiers died in a combat with an armed group, presumably the FARC dissidents, and three camps were “neutralized”, according to sources from the Nicolás Maduro regime reported this Sunday.

The camps were located in various sectors of the José Antonio Páez municipality of the Apure state, located on the border with our country, and “from where structured organized crime groups that engaged in kidnapping, extortion, drug trafficking and other illicit activities operated,” according to a statement from the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).

The information, signed by Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino, does not detail which group they were part of, or whether members of that band were killed. The deceased soldiers were identified as First Lieutenant Augusto David Linares, Lieutenant Miguel Ángel Mora García, First Sergeant Major Gabriel Alexander Pérez Silva and Second Sergeant Reiber David Chirinos Reyes.

The Apure state is bordering the department of Arauca, one of the great strongholds of the Eln guerrilla, which the Army has accused on several occasions of attacking from both sides of the border. The Domingo Laín War Front operates in the department, one of the most active of the ELN and led by Gustavo Aníbal Giraldo, alias “Pablito”, considered one of the most belligerent of that illegal group and whom the authorities accuse of crossing the border. border between the two countries, according to your convenience.

As a result of the operation, added the information from the FANB, five “terrorists” were arrested, seizing five assault rifles, three automatic pistols, abundant cartridges of different caliber, camouflaged uniforms, audiovisual and telephone equipment, as well as various ordnance.

The military units stationed in the area continue to track and persecute other members of the “criminal groups,” the information added.

In its statement, the FANB stressed that the members of this group “come from Colombian territory, where they move with absolute impunity and with the acquiescence of the government and the military forces of that country, in permanent conspiracy against Venezuela.”

Despite not mentioning it directly, various sources in the area, including regional media, assure that the operation was directed against a group of dissidents from the former FARC guerrilla, in whose ranks there were several deaths.



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