Venezuela sees new US sanctions as an attack on the UN system

The Venezuelan Government assured this Monday that the new sanctions announced by the US against President Nicolás Maduro, the Iranian Ministry of Defense and 27 entities and individuals related to the nuclear program of that country, are actually a campaign of aggressions against the United Nations multilateral system.

“Venezuela rejects and denounces before the international community a new aggression on the part of the US Government by announcing, without any basis, alleged unilateral sanctions (…) as part of a sustained campaign of aggressions against (…) Iran, Venezuela and fundamentally against the entire multilateral system of the United Nations, “reads a statement from the Foreign Ministry.

The US Government announced these sanctions this Monday and accuse Maduro of violating the arms embargo on Iran.

“No matter who you are, if you violate the embargo on Iran, you will face sanctions,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned at a press conference.

The head of US diplomacy assured that the sanctions are produced under the UN protection, although the decision has a questioned legal basis and has the opposition of the rest of the Security Council powers.

In fact, on Sunday France, Germany and the United Kingdom contested the unilateral decision of the United States to reinstate all international sanctions against Iran on Saturday and stressed that, in their opinion, the sanctions remain without effect because Washington abandoned the nuclear pact that was signed with Tehran in 2015.

In this sense, Venezuela considers that the US “makes one more attempt to ignore the institutionality of the United Nations” and “in particular of its Security Council, by falsely announcing the alleged reactivation of coercive measures against Iran in an illegal manner. and unilateral “.

In this regard, he assures that these decisions have “the express refusal of 13 of the 15 members of the aforementioned Council and of the UN Secretary General himself.”

“This new action against multilateralism confirms that the dominant elite of the United States does not have any respect for joint decisions, necessary to preserve international peace and security,” adds the statement from the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry.

Faced with this situation, they affirm that “Venezuela ratifies its irreducible commitment to the United Nations and its adherence to the decisions taken legally and collectively within this Organization.”

“Likewise, Venezuela, as an independent State, reaffirms that no intimidating and arrogant action by the US Government will prevent it from exercising its sovereign right to freely establish economic and commercial relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he concludes.


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