Venezuelan businessman linked to corruption cases expelled from Plus Ultra board

The airline Plus Ultra removed Pedro Antonio Borquez Tarff from its board of directors on Friday, who is one of the Venezuelan businessmen who attended the capital increase that the airline made in 2018 and injected 1.2 million euros. This investor appears in the so-called “Papers of Paradise”, the investigation on “offshore firms” uncovered by various international media, reported Vozpópuli.

Borquez has been a director of the Ann Melkin Corporation since 2015, created in Barbados in 2009, according to the records of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). “The same records, released under the name of ‘the Paradise Papers’, do not set a closing date for the company,” highlights reporter Beatriz Triguero.

In November 2018, Plus Ultra “held an Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting in which the number of members of the board of directors was set at ten, unanimously agreeing on the appointment of Borquez Tarff as director of the company for a period of six years, until 2024 ”.

However, Vozpópuli verified that “the dismissal of this businessman linked to a company domiciled in a tax haven has been published in the commercial register on August 19”.

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