Venezuelan oil tanker sinks in Caribbean; they alert disaster

The government of Trinidad and Tobago reported that he is in constant communication with Venezuela in the face of the threat that the tanker Nabarima, containing over a million barrels of oil, continues to tilt dangerously, threatening to capsize in the Gulf of Paria.

“Our government remains concerned about the threat that this accident could cause to the environment,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) in a press release.

The ministry also said that its team of experts is ready to go to the area to inspect the area where the ship capsizes. However, the government of Trinidad and Tobago indicated that although Venezuela admitted that the vessel was inclined, He assured him that he had stabilized, so that he no longer presents a danger.

However, the Trinidad and Tobago ministry indicated that it wanted to make sure of that and that it has written to the Venezuelan government on several occasions to gain access and make its own determinations. Given this, Venezuela agreed to allow a team of experts from the archipelago to cross the border and reach the ship, but after October 20.

The Trinidad and Tobago government criticized Venezuela, since last Thursday the Venezuelan ambassador affirmed that a viral photo of the inclination of the ship is propaganda.

“The ambassador claims that this photo was taken more than a month ago before work was done on stabilizing the ship and that now it had gone viral to misinform,” he said. “The government of Trinidad and Tobago, once again, reiterates its concern and maintains its request for permission to access and inspect the vessel on our own as soon as possible,” the ministry added.

Similarly, the government of Trinidad and Tobago said he has had communication with the ambassador of Venezuela and the United States in Port of Spain, the Venezuelan minister of foreign affairs, as well as other energy, health and national security officials to keep an eye on the situation.

For its part, the United States embassy in Trinidad and Tobago demanded that it intervene in the maritime accident, although it announced that it would not issue any sanction where there is a possible environmental situation involved.

However, the US embassy stated that “the United States remains concerned about the potential risk to safety and the environment caused by the ship.” Given this, he warned the Venezuelan state company PDVSA to take responsibility for the event “to avoid any environmental disaster in Venezuelan waters.”

“We will support immediate sanctions so that the ship can accommodate international security standards and avoid any possible environmental damage, as this would not only impact Venezuelans, but also neighboring countries,” he added.

Venezuelan opposition criticizes spill

The Venezuelan opposition denounced this Saturday the risk of an oil spill in the Atlantic Ocean due to the Nabarima ship

“This is the Nabarima ship, with more than a million barrels of oil, it is about to cause an environmental catastrophe in an area as vulnerable as the Gulf of Paria,” says a message released this Saturday by the opposition deputy Robert Alcala en la red social Twitter.

“The environmental damage that the oil spill could cause in this important aquatic area would be more than a catastrophe (…) We cannot allow that due to carelessness, irresponsibility and the lack of environmental awareness of the regime of (Venezuelan president) Nicolás Maduro ends fishing, “he said.

Alcalá asked PDVSA to “respond immediately” after noting that this area “originates the primary productivity of all aquatic species in the Atlantic Ocean” and “is the most productive fishing area” for local fishermen and from neighboring countries.

In addition, he announced that he plans to “denounce this risky situation” before the Environment and Oil commissions of the National Assembly.

“From the Assembly we must pressure and manage the immediate removal of this ship and correct the defects to avoid greater environmental damage,” he added.

The initial message of the deputy was shared on Twitter by the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, recognized as interim president of Venezuela by some 50 countries, who did not add comments on the matter.



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