Venezuelans in Ecuador bet on Daniel Noboa before the appointment with the polls tomorrow

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Every time Venezuelan singers from the diaspora, like the talented Maria Fernanda Castillothey sing the song of Luis SilvaVenezuela, the skin of an entire country crawls again. “I am desert, jungle, snow and volcano, and as I walk I leave a trail of the rumor of the plain in a song that keeps me awake,” intones this young woman, also from the plains, from Barinas, the cradle of the Chavista revolution that has only brought her nightmares. .

We are in the center of Guayaquil, where this 26-year-old girl works several hours a day to raise her two little girls. Today he is with her Isabel Sofiasix years old, whom he baptized, fleeing from fashions reggaeton and mixing names “because I wanted her to be like a princess.”

Five years away from his country, but always close. And also the adoptive one. “If I could, I would vote for Noboa, of course. And in the Venezuelan primaries (October 22) yes I am going to vote, I am already registered. And I am going to do it for change, for Maria Corina Machado. I have always hoped that my country will change,” María Fernanda explains to EL MUNDO.

“We are looking forward to the elections, a large majority of us are in favor of Daniel Noboa. We are even incorporated into some of his electoral commands. Reasons? The obvious ones! Aside from the controversy caused by Luisa Gonzalez around Venezuela, she is the dolphin of one of the main allies of Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro, he even still has a very pronounced closeness.

Around 2,000 Venezuelans are eligible to vote here. And the vote will be massive for Noboa,” he clarified to this newspaper. Aníbal Riveroone of the leaders of the Venezuelan community in the country and member of the local committee for the primaries of the Venezuelan democratic opposition.

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