Venu 2 Series, a fashion-lifestyle smartwatch from GARMIN, joins hands with Rabbit to promote GARMIN PAY, easy to tap and convenient to pay.

I must admit that now the reason for choosing a smart watch is the price is a secondary issue. Because the new generation of consumers with good health comes first will look for smartwatches with functions that make everyday health care easy. If it’s detailed, it’s like having a doctor next to you. it’s worth paying Then look at the design. When a smart watch needs to be worn every day A design that will allow you to match with any outfit or any lifestyle would be the best answer.

When I heard the news that GARMIN will be released GARMIN Venu 2 Series A smart watch that meets all lifestyles, fashion and self-care, immediately finds information and has the opportunity to experience the real thing.

GARMIN Venu 2 Series Still taking the highlight of the first model that was released in 2019, like the AMOLED screen as usual, supports Always On Mode, a stainless steel frame and a polymer case. Water resistant to 5 ATM and super happy for those who forget to charge the Venu 2 Series. Double the battery upgrade. Up to 11 days of use on a single charge, plus up to 7-8 hours of GPS activation.

Another special feature of this model that must be mentioned is that GARMIN joins hands with Rabbit to reinforce the Contactless Payment technology with the GARMIN PAY feature, easy to touch, convenient to pay, can pay via credit card or
smart card From now on, just move your wrist to pay the fare and pay at various points. that accept payments via Rabbit Card immediately, very responsive to the modern lifestyle

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It’s the queue of highlights for health. GARMIN Venu 2 Series has upgraded a lot of features for health and this is 8 highlight features that health lovers will see and wow

Health Snapshot

Health Snapshot Update health information within 2 minutes to allow users to know and understand their own health better. and design exercises that meet the needs makes us exercise more efficiently The screen will show a detailed overview. since the heart rate blood oxygenation, respiration, and stress levels

Fitness Age

Fitness Age show health age numbers It was measured by the level of oxygen consumption during exercise. This will show your fitness level equivalent to that of a person of your age. The lower the value than the actual age is considered good.


Music To make the exercise more smooth or speed up exercises that require rhythm With this function, you can download up to 650 songs of your favorite playlist to your smartwatch, now you can carry your favorite songs to listen to every activity.

Pulse OX ฺBlood Sensor

Pulse OX Blood Sensor Features that people of this generation need a lot. Helps measure blood oxygen saturation It tells you about your health and exercise efficiency.

Stress Tracking

Stress Tracking I want to know if we are entering the stress zone that has a negative effect on the body or not. This function will measure your stress levels so that you can plan to relax and restore your mood to normal.

Built-in Sports Apps

Built-in Sports Apps You can change your daily exercise pattern with this function. That puts more than 25 types of exercise modes, such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, yoga, Pilates and HIIT. If you’re not satisfied enough, you can load more from the Garmin Connect app for 1,400 more sports.

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Animated, On-screen Workouts

Animated, On-screen Workouts wrong exercise may lead to chronic injury
Animations in this mode allow you to immediately follow the workout. More at Garmin Connect App

Advanced Strength Training

Advanced Strength Training
A function that is suitable for people who like to exercise body weight because this function will instantly identify the muscle points used in each workout so that you can plan your workouts more precisely and to the point.

Venu 2 model (left) Venu 2s model (right)

As for the design, it still emphasizes the elegance of GARMIN style, but this model is secretly wearing the aura of a fashion smartwatch. So let’s get caught in the fashion lifestyle group. There are 2 models to choose from: Venu 2, size 45 mm, display screen 1.3 inches and model Venu 2s, size 40 mm, with display 1.1 inches, the latter should answer More than a woman’s challenge Price is only 13,690 baht. Interested in more information at






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