Veracruz 2 ° in cases and 3 ° deaths by flu: Ministry of Health


The latest report for epidemiological surveillance of the seasonal flu season 2018-209, published yesterday by the Federal Ministry of Health, indicates that the state of Veracruz closes the year as the second in the country in confirmed cases (128) and he fell to the third national place in death for this evil (9), after Puebla and Oaxaca had recorded in the last days, the death of 14 people each.

The period included in the epidemiological week 40 of this year (the first of the month of October) until the 20th of the following (the first fortnight of May 2019), is considered "Season of seasonal influence" in which it is a major circulation of influenza virus and other respiratory viruses.

At the end of week 52 of 2018, 1,662 positive cases were confirmed:

1,375 of A (H1N1)
182 from B
91 of influenza A
14 from A (H3N2)
Similarly, 116 deaths due to influenza have been reported
104 for A (H1N1)
7 for influenza A
5 for influenza B
In the Weekly Report number 52 of the Seasonal Influenza Season 2018-2019, the Directorate General of Epidemiology (DGE) of the Ministry of Health, released yesterday, Friday 28 December, indicates that the states of the republic with the most confirmed cases of influenza are:
Oaxaca with 178 confirmed cases and 14 deaths
Veracruz with 128 confirmed cases and 9 deaths
Warrior with 120 cases and 3 deaths
Mexico City with 115 confirmed cases and 6 deaths
Chihuahua with 101 cases and 4 deaths
Tlaxcala with 99 confirmed cases and 7 deaths
Puebla with 91 confirmed cases and 14 deaths
The confirmed cases of influence in these seven states of the republic represent 50% of the 1,662 registered nationally up to 28 December.
From epidemiological week 40 of 2018, 15 thousand 986 cases of influenza-like illness (ILI) and severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) have been reported, of which 1,662 have been confirmed to influence.

The five states with the highest percentage of positive influenza cases in relation to the suspected cases detected are: Tamaulipas (27.3%); Guerrero (21.6%); Oaxaca (21.6%); Chihuahua (19.2%) and Sonora (16.7%).

The Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), in its microsite dedicated to influenza, ( emphasizes that the symptoms of this disease are:
– Fever above 38 ° C, cough and headache, accompanied by one or more of the following signs or symptoms:
– a runny nose
– Nasal redness
– Nasal congestion
– Joint pains
– Muscular pain
– Decay (prostration)
– Pain during swallowing
– Chest pain
– Stomach pain
– Diarrhea
To prevent the spread of influenza, the Federal Ministry of Health advises to wash your hands frequently with soap and water, preferably with liquid or small pieces of dough.

Cover your mouth with a handkerchief or the inside of your arm when you cough and sneeze. Immediately throw the fabric in the trash and wash your hands Do not touch your face with dirty hands.

Avoid shaking hands or kissing. Being in touch with sick people. Go to crowded places. Share food, drinks, plates, glasses and cutlery. Send home if you have a respiratory illness.

You should also avoid spitting on the street and, if necessary, do it in a disposable tissue and throw it in a trash can or plastic bag.
The Federal Health Secretariat itself warns that between 80 and 90% of influenza cases, the disease is eliminated spontaneously by the body's immune system.

However, in people with a propensity for complications such as pregnant women and children under 5 and adults over 60, treatment with specialized antiviral drugs is recommended.



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