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A protest today, May 20, and a “street trial” tomorrow. Days of great activity for Verona for Freedom and not just for the electoral campaign. The committee has given shape to a list in support of the candidate for mayor Alberto Zelger and continues to organize demonstrations against the policies adopted by the government for the Covid emergency and the war in Ukraine.

This morning, some activists from Verona for Freedom welcomed Prime Minister Mario Draghi, visiting Sommacampagna, with banners in a fixed garrison, granted by the Police Headquarters, and carried out in a point where the premier’s car passed. «We have displayed direct and incisive protest banners, which leave little room for the imagination – wrote the protesters – We consider Draghi’s visit an attempt to rehabilitate an image compromised by clear failures in foreign policy. Eventually Russian gas will be paid for in rubles. Furthermore, the visit is yet another act of representation by a man who does not represent anyone. He is simply the agent of a jumble of parties, which have nothing in common except the mirage of appropriating a few remnants of the billions of the PNRR. We could not fail to express our indignation, in front of this umpteenth, tragicomic event ».

“We didn’t go throw rotten eggs or insult him. We, the guilty ones, send them directly to jail. For Draghi, time is running out. And Saturday we begin in Piazza Cittadella with the trial of Roberto Speranza », Verona per la Libertà wrote again on Facebook.

The Minister of Health Speranza will be the accused not present at the “street trial” organized for tomorrow at 4 pm “There are now nine states that have tried their ministers for the management of Covid-19 and nine will be the indictments” , we read on the Facebook page of Verona for Freedom, which calls for a trial and a conviction for Hope by a real court. In the meantime, the Veronese committee will celebrate the trial complete with public prosecution and witnesses. The process-demonstration will then be followed by a procession and the guests will be the journalist and writer Angela Camuso and the biologist Orazio Ragusa.

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