Verónica Forqué ruins her interview in the ‘Deluxe’ for this comment to Jorge Javier

Veronica Forqué has been released in ‘Saturday Deluxe’. The charismatic actress has attended Jorge Javier Vázquez’s program for the first time to review her long professional and personal life.

How could it be otherwise, the veteran actress has spoken openly about all the topics that, according to her, are taboo in our society, such as drugs and extramarital affairs.

Verónica Forqué: “I would legalize all drugs”

“I am a marijuana professional, I smoke every day, but always at night when the job is done. Maria is the only thing I like and I don’t drink alcohol “, Forqué assured.

Verónica Forqué answering Jorge Javier. (Telecinco).

I don’t want to make an apology of this “, the actress has warned.” I like to approach the moment of my death with that serenity, I am not proud of it, but I will surely leave it, “said Forqué.

I would legalize all drugs, thus the mafias would end. Mafias exist when things are forbidden. Prostitution is like abortion, you have to approve it and implement laws, it is very important, “commented the actress.

Forqué’s gaffe

However, the actress’s lack of filters has played a trick on the program. When asked by Jorge Javier if he would be willing to fall in love again without an expiration date, Forqué has revealed that Telecinco was broadcasting a false direct.

Right now, like this at 08:00 in the morning here with mascara … “, commented the actress. A gaffe that Jorge Javier Vázquez has tried to fix without much success:” At 08:00 in the morning, well … “.

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