News Veronica Koman Scholarship Returned, LPDP Office Closed

Veronica Koman Scholarship Returned, LPDP Office Closed

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

The symbolic handover of funds for the Ministry of Finance’s Education Fund Management Institution (LPDP) scholarship that was received by human rights activist Veronica Koman was not carried out by the Papuan People’s Solidarity Team. This is because the LPDP office is closed on Wednesday (16/9).

Monitoring, Initially, several representatives of the solidarity team, namely former Papuan Tapol Ambrosius Mulait, Dano Tabuni and accompanied by Papuan human rights lawyer Michael Himan, came to the LPDP office.

The solidarity team brought Rp3 million in cash for the delivery along with a red and white flag and a copy of the proof of transfer. Ambrosius and Dano were seen wearing traditional Papuan clothes complete with a koteka.

“I feel disappointed with the LPDP office, we sent a letter on September 15. (LPDP) Did not respond when we arrived with the excuse that the office was closed,” said Michael Himan to reporters, Wednesday (16/9).

The team that came could not enter the LPDP office because the gate was closed. The security guard on guard said that the office was not operational due to the Large-Scale Social Restriction (PSBB) period in DKI Jakarta.

Even though the symbolic handover was not carried out, Michael emphasized that the Rp773,876,918 that was billed by the LPDP to Veronica had actually been returned by way of transfer.

“This is symbolic of the handover of Rp. 3 million from Papuan mothers,” he said.

Furthermore, he stated, his party would continue to wait until the LPDP office was opened to hand over the money.

“We will not eat this money because it comes from the little people. Surely it will come when the office is opened we will come,” he said.

Veronica previously admitted that she was asked by the LPDP to return the scholarship amounting to Rp. 773 million that she received while pursuing her master degree in Australia in 2016.

The return of the scholarship money is considered as a form of pressure from the government to stop talking and advocating for human rights issues in Papua. Veronica is currently a suspect in a provocation case at the Papuan Student Dormitory, Surabaya.

However, the LPDP Management denied Veronica’s accusations. From the information and the LPDP system, Veronica did not fulfill the contract and had to return to Indonesia after receiving the LPDP scholarship. Veronica did return to Indonesia in 2018, but after that she flew back to Australia and had not graduated from her study period.

Veronica then graduated as of July 2019, but only reported her graduation to the LPDP monitoring and evaluation system application on September 23, 2019.

For this reason, the LPDP issued a President Director’s Decree on Sanctions for Refunding LPDP Scholarship Fund of IDR 773.87 million to Veronica on October 24, 2019. Then, the First Collection Letter was issued on November 22, 2019.

From the sanction and collection letter, the LPDP stated that Veronica agreed with the submission of the scholarship refund method in 12 installments on February 15, 2020. The first installment was paid and reached the state treasury in the amount of IDR 64.5 million in April 2020.

In the aftermath of this financial bill, fundraising was carried out by Papuan solidarity and international solidarity.

The fundraising is said to be a form of solidarity from the Papuan people to Veronica, who has been actively advocating for issues in the land of paradise.

So far there has been no statement from the LPDP regarding their closed office.

(yoa / south)

[Gambas:Video CNN]



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