Verstappen Could Become World Champion at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix if…


World title fight Formula 1 this year is getting hotter. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen predicted to be stuck until the last series.

Hamilton just won GP Qatar at the Losail Circuit, Sunday (11/21/2021) yesterday. This was the British rider’s second successive victory, after winning spectacularly at the Brazilian Grand Prix the week before.

The two victories cut Hamilton’s points gap with Verstappen, who leads the standings. Until the Mexican GP two weeks ago, Verstappen was still 19 points ahead of Hamilton. But now that distance has been reduced to just 8 points.

With two more series remaining, and the gap narrowing, the championship title competition is becoming more and more exciting. Many are looking forward to Verstappen break domination Hamilton, but not a few also support Hamilton to break the record by winning the eighth title.

Mathematically, Verstappen can win the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on December 5. The conditions were that the Dutch rider came out victorious and Hamilton finished seventh or worse.

Verstappen can also become a champion if he wins the Saudi Arabian GP and Hamilton finishes sixth, with the fastest lap points falling into the hands of Verstappen.

Another option is Verstappen finishing second with fastest lap points and Hamilton only finishing tenth, or Verstappen finishing second and Hamilton failing to finish in the top ten.

Meanwhile, if Hamilton finishes above Verstappen, the title will be determined at the Abu Dhabi GP, December 12.

Well Verstappen and Hamilton were equally enthusiastic about their respective opportunities. Both are optimistic, but not excessive, considering that the slightest mistake can be fatal.

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“It feels good,” said Hamilton after winning the Qatar Grand Prix, quoted by the BBC. “I’m really happy with the car. I feel fit, fitter than before, so that’s a positive thing.”

“But there is no time to celebrate. There is no time to rest. We have to keep our heads down and catch up,” said Hamilton.

The same goes for Verstappen. “So far, we’ve done a great job as a team compared to last season, where they (Mercedes and ) Hamilton) is so dominant and fast. So even getting here is impressive.”

“We will not give up. This time our pace was a little less, but every race there is of course a difference. The situation will be difficult until the end of the season, but that’s good. That makes this race still exciting,” explained the Red Bull Racing driver.

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