Very high speed optical fiber: ARCEP offers a new detailed map: Generation NT

Fiber optic-red

The telecoms regulator, ARCEP has just put online a new version of its map of the French fiber Internet. The opportunity to see the progress of distributions more accurately.

ARCEP has just updated its map of France covering the fiber-optic network. The update concerns an important development of the tool, since it is now possible to enter the choice address in the search engine to find out if the building is connectable, connected or programmed. .

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Now we can enlarge the map at the district level and view the status of the connection to the fiber optic network by building (or house by house) with chips of various colors corresponding to different states: Studies carried out, scheduled, connectable on request, be deployed or deployed .

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For each address, it is also possible to obtain other information, including the name of the infrastructure operator.

The ARCEP map is accessible via this link.



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