Very scary! Abnormal sales of hydrochloric acid in a few hours.


This Saturday several shops at the Essonne alerted the police after seeing their stock of hydrochloric acid in a few hours.

This product can be used to build dangerous weapons against the police.

Authorities say they are very concerned about sudden sales of hydrochloric acid. Some stores have refused to sell large quantities of acid.

It is a very corrosive product that can cause serious injuries if it comes into contact with the skin or eyes.

According to a police source interviewed by Actu17, " These individuals clearly intend to use it against the police and gendarmes, or even against the fire brigade, during the festivities and potential overflows on 14 July. "

Molotov cocktails or acid bombs could be used. It will therefore be necessary to remain vigilant during the fireworks this Sunday evening.


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