Vespa from Germany Immediately Enters Indonesia, Sophistication Similar to a Tesla Car, How Much Does It Cost?

HALLOTERNATE.COM – Kumpan Electric re-release electric motor similar Vespa with high quality and more innovative.

Electric motors are similar Vespa this time it was named Kumpan 54 ignite which was produced by the original electric scooter manufacturer German.

Reportedly, Kumpan 54 Ignite is a new version of the reincarnation of electric motor Ri 1954.

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Electric motors are similar Vespa This brings a technology very similar to electric motor Ri 1954 however has price which is more affordable.

Although priced at price affordable does not make electric motor Kumpan 54 ignite is less competitive than its competitors.

Intrigued by the advantages it has electric motor Bait 54 ignite? Check out the explanation below!

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deserves a thumbs up, electric motor similar Vespa it has three chambers battery removable or swappable lithium.

In 1 piece battery the distance that can be reached by Kumpan 54 ignite reaches 40 km.

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