"Vesta" is falling apart: the manufacturing defect of LADA Vesta has struck the owner – RIA "VladTime"


Unhappy car owner posted on the network video, in which he showed how the new "Vesta" is falling apart. The car can easily break a full-time soundproofing.

The new LADA Vesta driver has recently been bought, but has already faced a serious problem. After examining the interior, he discovered that the insulation of the factory is cracking, it is worth doing it a little, and for this it is not necessary to use any tool. "Shumka" remains literally in the hands.

Note that under it there was condensation, which is very bad for a metal that can rot in a couple of years from a similar neighborhood. It is worth mentioning that AvtoVAZ zinc the body of LADA Vesta, but only from the outside, while from the inside the metal remains unprotected against corrosion.

Furthermore, the galvanizing technology used for this model leaves much to be desired, but it is the most economical. The owner was shocked by the build quality of the domestic machine. He noted that "Vesta" is falling apart and wants to throw out this car.

Yana Vasilyeva




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