Veteran Eurosceptic Peter Bone suspended from British Parliament for six weeks

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The British parliamentarian Peter Bone70, faces the end of his political career after subjecting one of his employees to a “deliberate” chain of physical, mental and at least one instance of sexual indecency in a Madrid hotel, according to an official investigation. The conclusion of the Parliamentary Complaints Commission’s Independent Panel of Experts (IPE) has recommended a six-week suspension from his seat, prompting the Conservative Party to withdraw confidence in its Wellingborough MP with immediate effect.

The IPE considered the complaint against Bone to be a “serious case of inappropriate conduct”, which included a “deliberate and intentional abuse of power”. His victim, who preserves his right to anonymity, revealed to the BBC the “horrible, brutal and dark experience” he endured when he worked with the veteran politician for several months in 2012 and 2013.

“I ended up like a broken shell of the young man I was.”, the victim confessed in an interview in which she describes the “erratic behavior” of the radical euroskeptic. “He has an explosive temperament, like a pendulum that jumps from one personality type to another. I had a hard time predicting (his mood) and I felt under constant siege,” she added.

Bone denies the facts reported by his former employee, although he has lost the appeals accepted in the Complaints Commission process. He awaited the verdict of his parliamentary colleagues and opponents who They ratified the recommended penalty in a vote free of party disciplinewhich took place on Wednesday afternoon.

The suspension of the House for a period of six weeks automatically activates the re-election process of the discredited deputy with the endorsement of 10% of the voters of the constituency. The election would be called at a critical time for the Conservative Party and the prime minister, Rishi Sunakwhose popularity has collapsed.

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