World Veto of the labor protection project continues to draw...

Veto of the labor protection project continues to draw sparks: Provoste accuses Piñera of not respecting democratic majorities and Fenats speaks of “blackmail”

President Sebastián Piñera presented a veto to the project that allows labor protection for public officials, an initiative that had already been dispatched by the National Congress almost a month ago for its enactment into the Law of the Republic.

In this regard, the Christian Democratic senator, Yasna Provoste, condemned the presidential action, stating that the current president “insists on not recognizing the country’s democratic majorities.”

“Once again, President Piñera has resolved to veto a law that was democratically approved by the National Congress. For the third time in 2 months, ”argued the DC legislator.

First, he pointed out, “he did it to veto the law on basic services, eliminating the benefit of free internet for the 60% of our students who do not have access to connectivity. Later, it did so with the law that creates the National Service for the Specialized Protection of Children and Adolescents, eliminating -among other aspects- the transitory norm, which conditions the start of the new Service to the entry into force of the law that creates the System of Guarantees of the Rights of the Child ”.

“And it does so now, announcing a veto to the law that recognizes the right of public officials to labor protection, violating fundamental rights,” said Provoste.

In this way, Senator DC made it clear that “the veto is thus transformed, not into a presidential exception for extreme situations, but into a pattern of conduct of this president who insists on formulas not to recognize the democratic majorities of the country, and to maintain discrimination situations.

Finally, the congresswoman stated that “as opposition to this government, we are going to make every effort to maintain the right of public officials, and we are going to change this Constitution by voting for approval and the Constitutional Convention on October 25th.”

“President Sebastián Piñera puts obstacles to democracy and blackmails the National Congress, when he vetoes projects that have the support of the majority and submits the fate of a law to his designs,” said Patricia, the president of the National Fenats Confederation Valderas, representing the Public Health unions, following the veto and joining the critics.

Fenats Nacional called on the government to “respect and validate the decisions adopted by Congress, the fundamental basis of a democratic system,” they said in a statement.

From the organization of health workers they highlighted that, previously, the president opposed the project to prohibit the cut of basic services and denied the possibility of stopping paying the circulation permits due to the pandemic, in addition, they stressed that he opposed the creation of a new system for the protection of minors and now, they say, “unprotects workers against the will of both houses of Congress.”

“The workers of the Public Sector demand our incorporation to the Labor Protection process enshrined in article 485 of the Labor Code. We cannot continue in absolute judicial defenselessness in the face of abuses and subject to the criteria of the authorities on duty, ”said the leader.

It is worth mentioning that this is the fourth veto entered by the Government since March on a project dispatched by Congress and this time it points to the heart of a legislation that seeks to guarantee the defense of the rights of workers in the public and municipal sectors, especially when changes in national or local governments occur, which directly benefit more than 350 thousand officials.

The news fell like a bucket of cold water on the Public Sector, which hoped that the Labor Protection Law would ensure their labor rights and simplify their judicial processes, which often wear out the parties, because they are delayed or complicated, even at the request of the Supreme Court or the Constitutional Court. However, the Executive insists on moving to take to Congress and denies the possibility of really making progress on these matters.

“We hope that the president defends the interests of citizens and does not continue to defend, only, the interests of businessmen and the Armed Forces and Public Security,” said Valderas, since the indications to the project proposed by the Executive point to the Labor Directorate does not apply the rule to the latter.


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