VfB Stuttgart: Holger Badstuber can start immediately – Bundesliga


It did not work!

The extension of the contract in the summer with Holger Badstuber (29) with a tripled salary of around 3 million euros is seen as an error in the VfB in retrospect.

Not because Badstuber failed with the calf problems in the last seven games of the first round. But because his achievements in his ten missions (four times in the initial eleven) were simply too imperfect. It is increasingly rare, with its good positional play to compensate for speed deficits.

Now come out: the VfB would like to let it go this winter.

Stuttgart sports director Michael Reschke at BILD: "For both sides, last year was unsatisfactory, and if Holger and his consultant contact us in the current transfer schedule, we will demonstrate willingness to speak. 39. an impression that Holger can imagine a new challenge or even an adventure. "

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Photo: Gerd Maiß / dpa

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Good mood in La Manga: Badstuber was able to participate in the training camp almost all the unitsPhoto: Gerd Maiß / dpa

Badstuber is allowed away. But does he want it too?

Do not stand now. Even if you feel, of course, that VfB regrets the extension of the contract. But after this disappointing semester, there are currently no offers that irritate him. He still has two and a half years of contract with VfB.

After Badstuber was set at the start of the season alongside the world champion Pavard, he is now back in fourth place in the internal defensive hierarchy.

And the young star Antonis Aidonis (17), who behaves well in the La Manga training camp, could sooner or later bring him back to fifth place.



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