Victims of ETA and Vox try to retain the ‘Tsunami case’ in the Court while the PP withdraws

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The Vox political party and the association of victims of terrorism Dignity and Justice have decided to take a step in the summary on Democratic Tsunami and go to the National Court. Both the formation of Santiago Abascal and the association of Daniel Portero They have requested to appear in the case as popular accusations.

The investigation on Democratic Tsunami put two fundamental episodes on the table: the collapse of the El Prat airport after the ruling of process in October 2019 and the highway was cut A-7 on the border with France. In both cases, against critical structures of the State. The reports of the Civil Guard, after four years of investigation, have been conclusive. And the investigating judge understands that action must be taken against those accused of “terrorism” crimes. But the Prosecutor’s Office is suspicious. They support it leaving the National Court, because they do not consider that one can speak of terrorism, since it has not been possible to establish, in their opinion, the existence of a structure. The Prosecutor’s Office does believe that the facts would have qualified as sedition. However, after the disappearance of this crime due to the legal reform carried out by the Executive after the negotiation with ERC, they would have to be judged, they maintain, as aggravated public disorders. If it is a case of terrorism, the case will remain in the National Court. In the event that it were disorders, the summary would end up being transferred to the Catalan jurisdiction.

The cause intersects with the negotiations that the acting president Pedro Sánchez currently has open with the Catalan independentists, in which the amnesty for 1-O is the first pillar on the table.

Until now, for the Government, the best solution regarding this summary was for the case to leave the National Court and travel to Catalonia, for it to become a matter of public disorder instead of terrorism, a more complex matter that would, without a doubt, make it difficult the negotiation on the amnesty that is on the table. And until now, the Executive was calm since there was no one in person and the only accusation is being brought by the Prosecutor’s Office, who clearly defends that these events are only public disorders. The emergence of these two possible popular accusations can turn the tables. The judge is committed to maintaining the case for terrorism, but if there is no accusation that supports the same thesis, he cannot advance on that path. If only the Prosecutor’s Office remains, it has no choice but to refer the case to Catalonia.

If the judge finally admits these appearances, the case could remain in Madrid, since both defend in their writings requesting appearances that the events should be classified as terrorism.

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