Victims of L12 will accept reparation of the damage

A group of 20 families of victims of the Metro Line 12 will agree to adhere to the reparation of the damage requested by the 10 former officials accused in the file for the collapse of the raised section on May 3, as part of the dispute resolution mechanism to avoid a trial, said attorney Cristopher Estupiñán, who represents the affected.

“We already appeared at the Public ministry to inform that we agree to listen and participate in these mechanisms. What is what the prosecutor proposed for companies.

“We do not gain anything by seeing eight defendants with more than 70 years behind bars, or unleashing a criminal process [largo] and then with pure civil servants, when we know that the companies are responsible here. Because they want [la fiscalía] bring to solution mechanisms companies that have not even approached [a las víctimas] and not take them to an accusation when there are all the elements to impute them ”, he explained.

Prior to the hearing for the Golden Line, which will be held on Friday and for which they plan to request a new extension from the Control Judge, the litigant announced that the complaint criminal against construction firms Carso, ICA and Alstom for the crimes of homicide, injuries and property damage, all guilty, since said consortium was not charged with any responsibility in the file CI-FICUH / STCMP / UI-3 C / D / 00045 / 05-2021.

In an interview with THE UNIVERSAL, commented that they already appeared before the Public Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) to report that they agree to hear the defendants Enrique Horcasitas Manjarrez, Juan Antonio Giral y Mazón, Moisés Guerrero Ponce, Juan Carlos Ramos Alvarado and Enrique Baker Díaz, to name some former officials, as part of the alternative mechanism.

The foregoing implies that it is referred to the Mediation Unit where they will initiate the process for alternative justice, that is, a dispute resolution mechanism contained in the Alternative Justice Law of the Judicial Power of Mexico City, where it is sought mediation between the parties involved to reach an agreement and order the suspension of the trial.

Estupiñán added that after having appeared before the Public Ministry, sheets were attached to the file where the Executive Commission for Victim Attention (Ceavi) in the capital reported that their clients were not interested in initiating mediations.

The lawyer considered that this shows the collusion between the authorities so that the victims do not reach a true alternative justice and are exposed to a trial of several years.

In the case file, it can be read that Ceavi argued that its clients, that is, thirty victims, had referred the body not to participate in the mediation: “Our clients have told us that at the moment they are not interested in submitting at the beginning of the alternative mechanism, pointing out that if said situation changes, we will make it known to this social representation (sic) ”.

Given this, Estupiñán said that he looked for one of the victims that it was withdrawn during the last hearing and that they are now under the representation of Ceavi to find out why it had not agreed to initiate the mediation process, for which it pointed out that they were never consulted.

“There is no equal justice, or even intervention, it is being a mode and families are not being informed about what is happening,” said the litigant.

He commented that the research portfolio of the GF “It is disorganized, there are no complete clinical records, there is no exhaustive investigation, companies have not been called, not all the test data has been obtained in which all the participants in the work are disbanded”, in addition, on Monday they They delivered a new volume of the file, which they will not have time to analyze by the audience.

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