World Victims of terrorism accuse the AVT of denigrating them...

Victims of terrorism accuse the AVT of denigrating them for being a popular accusation

A group of fifty victims of terrorism has regretted through a statement that the Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT) is a popular accusation in the case of the CDR investigated by the National Court. The signers of the manifesto consider that appearing in a trial against members of a group “the only alleged crime” of which is “demonstrating” is “inappropriate” and “denigrates” the “true victims of terrorist attacks of any kind”.

They also emphasize that the detainees “have not participated in any act that has caused injuries or deaths” and consider that the AVT and the other associations that present themselves in this case “should fight” to have the attacks of August 2017 investigated in Catalunya.

They also emphasize that the “main” purpose of the victims’ associations must be comprehensive assistance, and they wonder if in the last attacks in Catalonia, the AVT and the ACVOT have contacted, “ignoring the purpose for which they were created ”.

“How many victims do they represent? How many have you attended, called or gathered in recent years? ”They wonder. They also state that comparing the wounded and murdered “during years of terrorism” with street altercations “more or less of intense violence” is to lower the dignity “of many victims of terrorism and their families to zero”.

Finally, they highlight the “lack of ethics of those who use the pain and suffering” of the victims to “obtain electoral revenues or even well-paid political places.” And they warn that the different victims’ associations “have the duty” to ensure that “political manipulation” does not hinder the work “that they should really do” and “avoid in any case” that prominent members of these associations militate in the top positions from different parties.

They also stress that associations must dedicate “all available means” to caring for victims and not “to act as a preventive in judicial cases in which no one can accuse detainees of alleged criminals.”


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