Victims of the abuser who has changed into a woman: "The Trans Law is giving carte blanche to the aggressors"

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Patricia and Maria, the two young Sevillian victims of a man convicted of sexist violence who has changed his gender to a woman and is now asking for pardon, consider that this is a consequence of the Trans Law, and ask that it cannot benefit abusers. The measure, approved by the Government last February, allows the change of sex freely from the age of 16.

“The Ley Trans it will be wonderful for people who truly are, but it is giving carte blanche for abusers Do this so that on top of that they can continue their abuse without any type of retaliation, because it would no longer be sexist violence. You have to try to change this however you can. Obviously we must defend the LGTBI community, but with abusers, zero tolerance,” says María.

“The Government has approved a law that supports these types of things happening. You, the victims, will tell me who we turn to, what we do,” Patricia seconds. “It is a joke not only for the victims but for their families, who are indirect victims, and for the figure of the woman. It is so easy. Any abuser goes to the Civil Registry: ‘Hey, look, I feel like a woman’. ‘Here, you’re a woman now.’ And you receive all the rights that women have had such a hard time having. How is something like this allowed? We’re taking 20 steps back,” she adds.

Patricia and María are both victims of Antonio, a Sevillian convicted twice of gender violence and who is awaiting prison for the last of the two sentences, 40 months in prison. The aggressor requested the registration change of sex to female last July and after that he also requested a pardon from the Government, alleging that the mistreatment was due to “to the trauma she had for feeling like a woman”, according to what the lawyer assures this newspaper María José Atochewho represents both.

“His lawyer says that in the end prison is to reintegrate people into society and that, since he is already a new person, there would be nothing to reintegrate. That prison can be detrimental to his new life, that the 40 months prison could be bad for her. She is a new person and all the abuse she has committed is because she felt like a woman, she had a kind of trauma complex and that is why she is excused.

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