Victoria in Australia: The Parade of Penguins on Phillip Island


Australia's state of Victoria

Namenspatin of the state of Victoria is the former British monarch Queen Victoria, on which also the name of the Australian state Queensland goes back. Until 1901, Victoria was a British colony with its own government, before 1851 it was part of the colony of New South Wales.

When, at the beginning of the 20th century, the independent British colonies of Australia joined forces to form the Australian Confederation, Melbourne became the country's first capital. Today, Melbourne lost the title to Canberra, but is the second largest city in Australia (after Sydney) and the capitals of Victoria.

The United States-sized state is the smallest state on the mainland, accounting for three percent of the landmass. Nevertheless, the state has more wine regions than any other in Australia. Victoria's wide range of climate regions produces a wide range of wines, from champagne to chardonnay and pinot noir to liqueur wines. Victoria is responsible for 17 percent of national wine production, and wine tourism is widespread.

Victoria (Australia)

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In addition to visiting one of the more than 700 wineries, a trip to the Brighton Beach in the southeast of Melbourne offers. Even in the hottest month, January, with a water temeratur of 19 degrees Celsius, bathing is more for the hard-boiled. But most come here anyway to shoot photos and post on Instagram.

The parade of penguins

Every evening, a spectacle takes place on Phillip Island, which attracts many tourists: miniature penguins return home from their fish hunt at sunset and paddle across the beach to their burrows in the dunes. With a maximum of 40 centimeters, they are not only the smallest species of penguin in the world, but also the only one on the Australian mainland.

The curious can follow the natural spectacle from a paid vantage point from Summerland Beach. Those who dig deeper into their pockets are allowed to observe the animals, which are not disturbed by humans, directly on the beach – but the number of beach visitors is limited. Wallabies, possums and more than 150 species of birds also live on Phillip Island.

The tram network is record

250 miles of track is the tram network in Melbourne – it's the longest in the world. Passengers can get on and off at a total of 1700 stations. Partly historical railways are still in use, for example on the City Circle Line (line 35), which is especially popular with tourists, because it stops at many attractions in the center and is free.

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Tourists become gold diggers

Driven by the desire to make big money, many people moved to Victoria in the mid-19th century. The Victorian gold rush was triggered by a series of gold discoveries in 1851 near Melbourne.

Gold digger in Victoria (Australia)

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The population of Victoria then jumped from 75,000 inhabitants in 1851 to 500,000 in the next ten years up. Around the city of Bendigo alone, more than 600 tons of gold were mined by 1950.

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Gold is in demand - equally by private investors, institutional investors and central banks

Today, only three percent of Australian gold production is accounted for by Victoria. If you want to try your luck, you can do that on a guided tour to the 228 meter deep Central Deborah Gold Mine – including gold panning.

Skiing in the australian alps

Snow-capped mountains may not be the first thing Europeans associate with Australia, but they do exist here – in the Snowy Mountains, for example. The 1805 meter high Mount Buller is a popular ski resort due to its proximity to Melbourne (22 lifts, 25 runs, three snow parks for freeriders). And best of all, the season in Down Under ends on 6 October.

Melbourne's cult drink is coffee

The most popular drink in Melbourne's capital, Melbourne, is coffee: more than 30 tons arrive at the port every day, enough for three million cups, which are drunk every day by the four million inhabitants. If you want to test the variety, there are city tours every day, all about coffee.

Sow and piglets on the Great Ocean Road

There are neither twelve in number, nor are they apostles: nevertheless, the limestone pillars on the famous Great Ocean Road, a coastal road in the south, have been called “12 apostles” for over 50 years. Originally called “Sow and Piglets” (sow and piglets).

Tourists marvel at the “Twelve Apostles” on the Great Ocean Road

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The rock formation in Port Campbell National Park is one of Victoria's main attractions. By erosion, the columns were separated ten to 20 million years ago from the mainland, they rise today up to 45 meters from the sea.

The power of the waves continues to bother them: in 2005, a rock collapsed, leaving only seven since then. Six of them can be admired from the classic vantage point. If you want an even better view of the natural phenomenon, you can book a helicopter flight.

The quote

“For the first time I've seen a squirrel at a meeting with Disney in Hollywood”

The Liam Hemsworth, a Melbourne-born actor, confessed in an interview a few years ago. Although there are more than 370 mammal species in Australia, no squirrels can be found throughout the continent. For this live Gleitbeutler, animals with a kind of wings, which remind of squirrels, because they also live on trees.

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When squirrels accidentally knot the tails

This picture employs animal lovers on Twitter and Facebook. A bad Photoshop joke? No. Apparently, the slippery mother of the young squirrels was responsible for the dilemma. But see for yourself.

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