Victorino Martin: "We have set our last bar in Madrid very high; we return with all the responsibility"

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The Cáceres iron of the crowned A is one of the sensations of the bullfighting year in Las Ventas. The complete confinement that closed the last San Isidro Fair put everyone in agreement and now, once again, it returns to the Autumn Fair in a return expected and requested by the Venetian fans. The cycle will close on Sunday the 8th with Romanian, Borja Jimenez y Leo Valadez.

“Madrid is our place. First because both my father, my daughters, and I have become fans of Las Ventas, and we have been fans since we can remember,” he says, to begin with, Victorino Martin.

“I have seen all the bullfights that we have fought at home, and I think that we have fought very important bullfights in Madrid. So Madrid has been our guarantor, it has been our defender in the world of bullfighting and in our case it is well applied the saying that says -From Madrid to heaven-“, says Victorino.

A successful afternoon was the event that closed the last Isidril cycle with the head-to-head between Paco Ureña and Emilio de Justo about which the rancher states that “we have fought many important bullfights in Madrid. In 68, 69, 75, 78, 79, 82, the Fall Fair from ’84, the one from 2003… many complete ones, but if we have to choose, among the three most important, it would be this year’s one. He would be on the podium of the most important fights by this ranch in Las Ventas, knowing that today, more is demanded of the bull than ever.”

Regarding the bullfight to be fought on Sunday the 8th, the Cáceres rancher explains that “three Cinqueños are going, there are three bulls that were already there for the first bullfight, in fact one of those that was already approved is going – if nothing happens, because we bulls already know that stick together – That bull goes, three Cinqueños and three Cuatreños. The bullfight is very classic, very typical and we like it a lot. We go with everything, with all the responsibility that we always go to Madrid, but even a little more, because Madrid always measures you by the last bar that you have left in the square and the truth is that we have set the last one very high. We go with that added responsibility, but hey, we know where we are going.”

In front of the poster, which announces Romanian, Borja Jimenez y Leo Valadezcomments that “Román is the one who has fought the most bulls from home, and has also triumphed, but Leo Valadez, who only killed one bullfight, and Borja Jiménez, who never killed bulls from home, are a bit of an unknown. Like all bulls , and ours more so, the first meeting is essential. It is a young and attractive poster.”

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