Victory and Flower Suitor –

A We have a life realityben He wins wanted to buy a minibus for Flower and his friend in the first round, but it did not win the favor of young people at all, so he voted for a Ferrari – writes Glance.

Photo: Csaba Schumy / smagpix

In the show He wins on stage he rolled in the luxury car, which his son-in-law also took for a lap test drive.

“We got out of the car, my legs were shaking, I was white. I’m used to retired cars. But be my son-in-law, because I am Gáspár Győző from television! Lest my son-in-law should be, for the gypsies say that he doesn’t have a car. So my son-in-law has Ferkó, that’s all! ” – said Victory on the show.

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