VIDEO: 16-year-old young man with older Mercedes flees police in Riga at 192 km / h – BNN

On the night of July 19, at 02.25, the bodyguards of the Traffic Police Battalion of the Riga Regional Office of the State Police, performing daily traffic monitoring, caught a driver on the embankment of Riga on November 11, who significantly exceeded the permitted speed and drove 145 km / h.

According to the State Police, the hurried driver, seeing the police car, did not intend to stop his car, but increased the driving speed and from November 11 on the embankment crossed the Stone Bridge, the vehicle Mercedes reaching a speed of 192 km / h. It should be noted that the permitted speed at a given location is 50 km / h.

The driver exceeded the speed limit by approximately 142 kilometers.

Only three minutes later, at 02.28, when the driver had already violated several important traffic rules, he suddenly decided to stop the car at a crossroads in Āgenskalns district. In response to the prompt response, the bailiffs of the traffic police battalion, in cooperation with the Special Task Force battalion employees, also stopped a driver who wanted to leave the scene near the car.

It was found that the car was driven only by a 16-year-old who had unknowingly picked up their vehicle. There were four more passengers in the car. Police note that the driver had not consumed gradual drinks.

Shortly after the driver left his vehicle, the car’s engine compartment began to smoke, which after a moment began to burn with an open flame. Employees of the State Fire and Rescue Service arrived at the scene to eliminate the fire. No one suffered in this situation.

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Three administrative violation proceedings have been initiated against a young person for violations and an adventure that quickly turned into an experience – for exceeding the permitted driving speed, driving without a driver’s license and crossing a traffic light at a red light. The young person will have to come to the court with the parents to review the decision.

The State Police emphasizes that such actions are a clear irresponsibility towards both one’s own and one’s fellow people’s safety! The police urge drivers to behave responsibly – not to drive recklessly and irresponsibly, thus saving them from possible unpleasant consequences!

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