VIDEO – 247 euros for a Roissy-Paris: two tourists publish a video of their scam


The video has accumulated almost 80,000 views on YouTube since it entered online last November 6th. Two Thai tourists published pictures of the end of their race in a VTC (passenger vehicle with driver) who had transported them from Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle airport to Paris. Upon their arrival in the capital, the driver of the vehicle asked them 247 euros.

The tone is quickly mounted among the protagonists. The couple asking to see the driver's license, which claims to work for the private driver company, the situation has worsened. The conversation takes place in English and the driver makes a parenthesis in French where he says, with a very flowery vocabulary, that he "will uncover his mother".

second The Parisian, which revealed the case, a "investigation of the head of" illegal exercise of the taxi profession "was opened. The newspaper also contacted the company Chauffeur privé, which stated that the man did not work on their behalf.

Prevent both tourists from leaving the vehicle without payment the two Thais had to pay the sum of 200 euros to free themselves from the driver's hindrance, they said Parisian. Upon their return to the realm of Siam, they published the story of their misadventure on Facebook, wanting to warn their compatriots against such jokes.

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